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After Seven Years, A New Saw Film Brings Back Jigsaw

by Madison Miller

Jigsaw came out October 27th, 2017, and almost everybody has either seen it or is eager to watch the new movie.  Some people don’t think it will be as good as the previous movies, but others disagree, saying this movie will be the best out of all ten.  

The ninth movie in the Saw series is called Saw VII: The Final Chapter.  The movie premiered in 2010 so being that it is 2017 now, everybody was surprised to hear about a tenth movie in the series coming out.  

“I’ve seen the trailer and I am very excited to see the movie. I don’t think it will be quite as good as the older Saw movies but I’m still looking forward to it very much. These types of movies have always been some of my favorites,” said junior Claire Lynch. Lynch seems to be keeping an open mind on the new movie, even though she suspects that it won’t be as good as the previous movies.  

Sophomore Emily Deely added, “I haven’t actually seen the movie, but the trailer looked really cool.  I would definitely watch it. I think that this movie will be as good as the older Saw movies, maybe even better.” Deely is looking forward to watching the newest edition to the Saw series, as she said, she thinks it might be even better than the previous movies.  

Sophomore Jazz Salters said,“The trailer is really weird, and a little unoriginal.  It seems very suspenseful and exciting at the same time.  It doesn’t look like a movie that I would typically watch, but I still am looking forward to going out of my comfort zone and seeing it.”

Junior Chianne Downing didn’t have much of a positive attitude towards the new movie.  “There is no need for a tenth movie.  Personally, I think that they should have stopped at the third or fourth movie.  I feel like they’re trying too hard to keep an idea going that should have ended before it came this far,” said Downing

Junior Alex Smith wasn’t too excited about the newest edition,“I’ve seen all of the Saw movies, and they are all really good. I don’t think Jigsaw will be as good as the other movies, and I think they should have stopped at Saw: The Final Chapter,” commented Smith.

Many people are excited for this newest Saw arrival that came out on October 27th, 2017.  Some people don’t think that it will be as good as the previous movies, and some think it will be even better.  Whichever side you’re on, have fun and enjoy the new movie!