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Ahead Of New Album, Evanescence Brings Synthesis To Baltimore

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by Sanders Jett-Folk

Last night, Grammy award-winning gothic rock band Evanescence took the stage at the historic Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore to perform songs from their forthcoming album, Synthesis.

Synthesis, the band’s fourth studio album and their first in over six years, is much different than their previous records, such as Fallen and The Open Door. The new project primarily consists of many of their hit songs, including “Bring Me To Life” and “My Immortal,” reimagined as orchestral and electronic pieces. Two new songs, as well as several new interludes, were also created for the album. [1]

To fit this, the Baltimore stop on the “Synthesis Live” tour, like the rest of the tour, featured a full live orchestra backed by electronic effects, the four musicians of the band and frontwoman Amy Lee’s transcending vocals.

For the opening of the show, Evanescence wasn’t even on stage. Regardless, it was an incredible intro. The orchestra performed many classical pieces, such as Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and Mozart’s “Lacrimosa,” the latter of which was the primary inspiration for Evanescence’s song “Lacrymosa.” After the orchestra beautifully performed six songs, there was a brief intermission before Evanescence came on stage.

The second the band appeared on the stage, the crowd went into an uproar. The piano intro of “Overture,” a new intro from Synthesis, opened the show. Right after, the band shot into the upbeat track “Never Go Back” from their 2011 self-titled album. A little while into the show, fan favorites like “My Heart Is Broken” and “Lithium” brought tears of joy to many audience members as the orchestra perfectly matched Lee’s vocals.

Next came Evanescence’s most well known song, “Bring Me To Life.” The song started off quiet with only vocals and strings, with electronic elements being blended in as the song progressed. By the end, the stage was lit as everyone on stage was playing their instruments to their heart’s content. Afterwards came “Unraveling,” another new Synthesis interlude. This launched into one of the band’s earliest songs, “Imaginary.” Purple lights backed the stage as Lee sang the fan favorite song about a place of comfort and peace.

Afterwards, came “Secret Door,” a harp driven melody from the band’s self-titled record. Following that was “Hi-Lo,” one of the two new full songs from Synthesis. The album version of the song features famous YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling. Then came two of the most emotional songs of the show, “Lost In Paradise” and “Your Star.”

Next, came “My Immortal.” Before playing the song, Lee rectified her past statements in which she said she hated the song, saying that “This song comes on to me a lot more now than when it was born.” Unlike the other songs, “My Immortal” was hardly changed from its original version, except that now, the focus is on the strings instead of the piano.

To close the main set, Evanescence performed another new interlude “The In-Between” and the other amazing new full song from Synthesis, “Imperfection.”

Clearly, the emotional and energetic audience wanted more after Evanescence left the stage. Lee re-joined the orchestra to play one of her newest solo songs “Speak To Me,” followed by the heartfelt track “Good Enough” from the band’s 2006 album The Open Door. The other four members of the band came out to join Lee and the orchestra for one last song, “Swimming Home.”

After the show, fans either quickly left the arena or went to the long line for the band’s merch table, where they were selling shirts, hats, bags and more.

Amanda Johnson, who was in the audience, said “This was my fourth time seeing Evanescence, but wow, this was a lot different. It was so cool seeing them perform with the full orchestra. I honestly cried the whole time. It was amazing, the new songs sounded just amazing.”

Audience member Tony Adams said “I honestly just came with my girlfriend because she wanted to go, but it was a really great show. I’ve heard a few songs from Evanescence before, like ‘Bring Me To Life,’ but it really was a good show. The orchestra did really well.”

Audience member Jamie Bishop commented “I’ve waited so so so many years to see [Evanescence] in concert. It was incredible. Everything sounded so beautiful, especially Amy. I already want to see them again, even though it just ended. It was everything I dreamed it would be.”

Evanescence will release Synthesis tomorrow on all digital stores and on CD. A vinyl release will be available next month. [1]


You can view the band’s setlist from the show here: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/evanescence/2017/hippodromethe-france-merrick-performing-arts-center-baltimore-md-13e0b915.html



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