Bad Moms Christmas a Funny and Highly Inappropriate Film

by Ashley Terry

With the holiday’s approaching, new Christmas films are being released. On November 1st, A Bad Moms Christmas was released to theaters. The film is a sequel to the film Bad Moms. The film audience is projected towards mothers as it sheds light on the daily struggles for stay-at-home mothers. The film is rated R and is not family friendly. The film has received a 5.7/10 on IMDB and has already made $2.6 million. [1]

It hilariously shows the thoughts of every mother during the holidays. Every mother wants their kids to have a perfect Christmas.

The film begins with the main character Amy sitting on her staircase narrating on how she ruined Christmas. The plot is basically the story of how Amy ruined Christmas for her two children.

It all begins when her parents visit her for the upcoming holiday. Amy’s mother is very critical on her to be perfect because it is Amy’s first Christmas as a divorcée. Along with Amy’s mother visiting, her gal pals Kiki and Carla also have their mothers visiting.

Each main character has a different dynamic. Amy is a newly single mother who struggles to balance between work and her two tween children.

Kiki lives in a very traditional household. She is a stay-at-home mom of four children and remains very innocent and reserved compared to Amy and Carla.

Carla is the type of mom that is always judged for her actions. Carla is a single mother who loves to party. Her son Jackson however, remains her top priority. The trio became friends in the last installment, Bad Moms.

Amy’s mother, Ruth forces her to have the ‘perfect’ Christmas by decorating her house, forcing her to go Christmas caroling, seeing the original Nutcracker, and throwing a secret party at her house. Did I mention that she does all of this without Amy’s permission?

Kiki’s mother, Sandy is very odd. Ever since her husband past away, Kiki is the only family she has. She even showed up three days before she was supposed to for her visit with Kiki and her family. Sandy even copied her own daughter’s haircut and has her face on almost every piece of clothing she owns.

Carla’s mother, Isis, only visits Carla when she needs money. Carla is a lot like her mother. Isis suffers from a gambling addiction and loves to party like her daughter. Isis is heavily shown smoking throughout the film. Almost immediately as Isis is first introduced, she asks her daughter for money.

The ending is very predictable but the overall plot is hilarious. Remember, this film is rated R for a reason. This is NOT a family friendly movie. There are scenes that will be too inappropriate to explain to a child.

With the mother/daughter duo differences, will the trio be able to comply with their mother’s needs? Or will they lose their minds?

A Bad Moms Christmas is available to watch at your local theater. If you want a holiday laugh, I suggest seeing it while you still can.