Black Friday Means Sales But Also Rude People

by Elizabeth Chavez

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, that means Black Friday is following close behind. Black Friday is the beginning of Christmas madness. Customers are willing to sleep outside of retail stores just to get their friends and family gifts.

Many chain stores like Walmart, Macy’s, JCPenney’s, and Best Buy have incredible doorbuster sales for black Friday and for the entire month of December.

Many students and staff have different traditions and ways they prepare for Black Friday shopping.

Deputy Holland said, “[There are] too many rude people.”

Junior Jabrea Favors commented, “[I] get stuff for cheap prices. But, everyone tries to run you over.”

Media Specialist Cindy Doggett said, “I like the reduced price, although when there is a lot of people it ruins the Christmas spirit.”

Business teacher Regina Stelma added, “ I don’t like going out. I [try to] avoid rude and mad people.”

Sophomore Tamiya Philip said, “I like how cheap everything is and how the crowds go wild when the stores open.”

Freshman Karly Rutherford said, “I like how I can get things fast and cheap. I hate how people try to get there first.”

Black Friday is almost here, and the deals start as early as Thanksgiving day. Everyone get your shopping carts, purses, and credit cards ready because your bank account is about to get wiped out.