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Change of Weather and Season Excites Some, Dismays Others

by Nick Powers

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the weather is beginning to transition from Fall to Winter. Most of us have experienced some change in the weather. Here recently this past week when the weather got cold, all the trees were once with filled with leaves and flowers are abloom, and the next morning the leaves have all fallen to the ground and no flowers seem to be left standing.

While some people enjoy the change in weather, others don’t seem to enjoy the change in weather at all. Sophomore Ethan Miller said, “I don’t like or dislike the change in weather. It’s just that I find it to be more of a nuisance than anything else to me.”

With the current state of the weather it’s becoming continually colder and having the sun set by 5pm. Sophomore Connor White feels that,“The change is far too drastic for me. When I go to school in the morning, it’s dark, and when I get home after school it’s still dark. I just find it unsettling that I can’t seem to see the sun during the week, I’d rather just have it remain bright all day.”  

While many are not fond of the weather changing, a select few have enjoyed it. Freshman Solomon Chen said,“I like the way the weather changed very much, primarily because I’m not a morning person so not seeing the sun for most of the day is a benefit of the weather changing in my eyes.”

With this past quick weather change, always have an extra jacket or sweater to be ready for extremely cold weather or summer weather.