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Christmas Needs to Be Celebrated Later In the Year

by Audrey McClatchie

[1] The holiday season is “the most wonderful time of the year,” and stores don’t let you forget it! They’ve got everything you need for the winter season… in September.

         “[Christmas decorations] are actually up now, which I don’t like,” said Substitute teacher Mary Edwards. Junior Kevin Fletcher added, “I generally see them by November.”

With Halloween jst past, many people are more annoyed than shocked to see stockings on sale, ornaments in bulk, and candy canes by the hundreds.

“I think it’s absurd,” Fletcher complained, “It’s far too early to put out Christmas decorations.”

Even though the early holiday’s may disrupt the scary season, stores have their reasons for doing it. The rush before Christmas is unpleasant for shoppers and store owners. There’s always the risk of unsuccessful business, since most stores put their money into buying bulk supplies just for the Christmas week frenzy.

If half of the shopping in the United States is online, less and less is bought in stores each year. [2] Therefore, the stores’ tactic is to extend the time for holiday supplies available, stretching out the shopping season to bring in income sooner and longer.

“People like Christmas and people start decorating really early,” senior Emilia Lawler explained, “so they know they’ll get a lot of money if they put stuff out super early.”

The tactics behind the sales in stores are no secret to the public. “They want to get extra money from people getting in the holiday spirit,” commented Edwards.

With early bird discounts and cheap bulk to be bought in October, this new trend has plenty of popularity. With social culture changing, stores have to change too in order to make profit.

Senior and Student Member of the Board William Lease Anderson elucidated, “There are Christmas things in stores before Halloween because people are willing to buy them.”

Even if this is how stores keep the income flowing, most people believe it ruins the season. “It’s dumb because the season of Christmas doesn’t start until December.” Lawler stated.

Even though stores have their reason for early marketing, it would be much more appreciated to spread out the holidays a little more. As Edwards said, “Celebrate the holiday that’s coming up next!”



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