Conspiracy Theory Club Asks Students to Research and Think

by Addie Robert

Conspiracy theory club is a relatively new club at Walkersville High School. Every Thursday the club meets in English teacher Jessica Bowers’ room to talk about crazy theories and debate on whether they think it is true or not.

Senior Ashley Terry, President of the club said “(Senior) Savannah Crosson and I were talking about John F. Kennedy’s assassination one night and I jokingly said ‘we should make a club’ and that’s how it started. Savannah took the lead as president last year. We had a lot of people join and it was awesome. Since Savannah moved away, I became President of the club. We pull on Thursdays so the numbers are smaller, but we still have a lot of fun! We pick a new theory for every week and have a discussion on it. It’s a lot of fun and if anyone wants to join just ask. Bowers and she’ll pull you!”

Advisor of the club Bowers commented, “I like being in charge of the club because we get to talk about logic and evaluating sources so it teaches people how to be a good citizen.”

“[The point of this club] does not make any sense. I understand it is good for arguing skills and debating, but I do not think that it is useful to education what so ever,” junior Kylie McClung commented.

“I think it is a funny idea. I mean if people in the club are very passionate about it, [it’s] a good thing. They are joining together to create something they enjoy doing,” junior Ashley Ritchie responds.

“I think it is a very interesting club; it is a great way to interact with other people that share the same theories as you and opens others eyes to think abstractly. I also think that people should join it because it is a great way to meet new people and make new friends,” senior Bryce Miller stated.

The Conspiracy Theory Club is always looking for new members and new ideas. If you would like to join talk to Bowers or Terry.