Daddy’s Home 2 Just As Good As the Original Film

by Marisa Flores

Among the other Christmas movies coming out this year, Daddy’s Home 2 was released on November 10th. This film is a sequel to Daddy’s Home, which was released on Christmas 2015.

The film is a family comedy based on the relationship between a father, his kids, and their stepfather. In the sequel, the grandfathers of the fathers arrive, bringing even more comical inconsistencies within these father-son relationships.

During the film the family decides to have a “together Christmas.” This includes Sarah (mom), Dylan and Megan (the children), Dusty (the child’s dad), Brad (stepdad), Kurt (Dusty’s dad), Don (Brad’s dad), and more. [1] Daddy’s Home 2 portrays the problems that come with a blended family dynamic with belly-rumbling laughs all along the way.

It is a family film that is appropriate for all ages; comprehension is best matched with people ages six and up. Since it has just been released not many people have seen it; but a lot of people desire to see it. Sophomore Jackelinne Montano said, “I would like to watch this movie based on the trailer because it’s a movie based on fathers and their parenting skills. But here you have two role models and two different perspectives.”

Social media was also going crazy over the new addition to the franchise. “Saw it opening day!! Laughed so much. Gonna go see it again this weekend!!,” said Twitter user @JoyFull68196951. [2] @Leenygrace, through Twitter, also commented, “I thought it would be hard to beat the first Daddy’s Home, but Daddy’s Home 2 was hilarious! Could not have had better casting for those roles.  My daughter and I can’t stop quoting lines from it. Great movie guys!” [3]

The reviews for the movie were also incredible. It was rated the #1 comedy in America and 65% of people liked it according to Rotten Tomatoes. [4]

So if you’re looking for a good Christmas comedy for this Holiday this season then I highly suggest going to see it. You can see it in your local theaters, but hurry before it’s gone.


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