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Fall Craft Ideas a Festive, Fun and Inexpensive Way to Celebrate the Season


by Marisa Flores

Fall is almost over, and so are some of the fun activities that com along with it. Pumpkin Patches and Trick-or-Treating will go, but what stays are fall crafts.

Great fall themes are pumpkins, Halloween, colorful leaves, and other pretty fall designs. Some of the best do-it-yourself (DIY) craft ideas come from those themes. Some great inexpensive and DIY fall craft ideas are:

Many people love being able to express themselves through things that they had the opportunity to make themselves. “I love seeing pictures of people’s Fall inspired decorations and crafts. Fall is my favorite time of year and I fondly remember doing crafts with my family- making fall wreaths and finding the perfect autumn leaves to iron between wax paper for Thanksgiving place mats. I collect Pinterest ideas- one day I’ll try out a few! My favorite in-school fall assignment was creating the ceramic pumpkins- everyone had such unique ideas,” said English and drama teacher Heather McFadden.

We all like to be a little creative and show another side of us. One great way to do that is making crafts. They are entertaining, decorative, and a great time filler.

Sophomore Emily Deely noted, “[Fall crafts are] very fun and festive!”

“[They’re] very creative,” added freshman Ryan Mudd.

Art and crafts can used for multiple things. They can be used as a fun activity to do, as decoration, or even as a conversation starter in your house. Freshman Pruthav Patel said, “[Fall crafts are] very cool and interesting.”

Fall crafts have multiple uses, purposes, and multiple difficulty levels. But as fun as Fall crafts can be, Fall is almost over. So hurry up, time’s almost out!