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Fall Is the Favorite Time of the Year for Many WHS Students and Staff

by Elizabeth Chavez

Just a few weeks until Thanksgiving and you know what that means, fall is ending. There are so many things to love about Fall. Fall is the one of the seasons that many people love because of its weather and the color. Fall has a lot to celebrate like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Junior Emily Jenkins said,“I don’t like the cold.”

Sophomore Megan Sharma said, “I like the weather and I like how if it is cold how I can snuggle under my blanket.”

Junior Madison Smith said, “I like the fall clothes, I don’t like the cold.”

Sophomore Carly Hella said, “Just how cold its is and how I can play soccer, I don’t like how one day it cold and the other day it’s hot.”

Junior Taylor Walton added, “I like how Thanksgiving is in fall and I don’t like the weather.”

Science Department Assistant Cami Bitter says, “The leaves and cold weather, favorite time of the year.”

Freshman Jaylin Clemons, “No bugs. It’s not hot and I can’t wear shorts. I don’t like how we have school.”

Junior Carly Giesbert commented, “I like the whole theme and color of Fall. I like how the trees look when it’s full with red and orange leaves. I don’t like the weather because of how cold it gets.”

Junior Josh Crowder added,“I like the color. I don’t like how it gets cold and I can’t wear shorts.”

Sophomore Jackie Montano added, “ I love the color and the leaves. I don’t like the weather because I get sick.”

Junior Bella Canto added,“[I like]the color and the trees.I don’t like the cold.”

Business Teacher Stelma Regina said, “[I like]the changing of the leaves and color. They’re beautiful, but I don’t like the daylight savings.”

Fall is everyone’s favorite season. Whether you like it or not, it’s ending soon.