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Four WHS Students Chosen to Compete In Recycled Art Show

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by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

Thursday, November 30th marks the 16th annual recycled art show at Montgomery Park in Baltimore.

Students come from all over Maryland to have their art judged for a chance to win the event. There are even students from Garrett County, five hours away, that compete in the contest.

The event is “sponsored by the Maryland Dept. of the Environment,” said art teacher Susan Maseth. The art used in the show must be “reused or recycled,” and each of the pieces shown at the event are sculptures. The event is called “Rethink Recycling”

“Walkersville has claimed the grand prize for the past two years,” continued Maseth. The winners being Cheyenne Reese two years ago and Parker Montour last year. This year four students get to attend the Rethink Recycling event: Reese, Montour, Jimmy Briton, and Dori Rourk.

“This year I made a wolf out of plastic bottles,” said Montour “It’s five feet by three feet.” The piece took her a month of day to day work to complete. She said she “tried to make it as anatomically correct as possible” but ran into complications. The sculpture that won her last contest was called “Tony Hawk.” Hopefully this year her sculpture will have the same winning result of her last sculpture. Montour got her inspiration from her work at the zoo, where she would see wolves that she really liked.

Reese, another previous winner made a cow for this years contest “Her name’s Bessy” she said. “I would say it took three to four weeks to make.” In her piece she used “Dow bars, chicken wire, plastic bags, calf nipples, foam, wood, and pieces of cans,” all of which was either from teachers or things she had lying around at home.

This is a very creative and fun way for students to handle helping the environment and certainly a smart move by the Maryland Department of the Environment to support recycling among schools.

Best of luck to all of the participants; hopefully this year’s show will showcase the usefulness and beauty that can be found in recycling.