Getting That Extra Hour of Sleep Can Make All the Difference

by Noah Lind

There’s no sleepy eyes here today, at least there shouldn’t be after daylight savings time kicked in this past weekend. Students got to experience an entire extra hour of slumber so they could come in with happy awake attitudes.

The extra hour of sleep is perhaps the largest bless that can happen during the school year, and I know I for one am not looking forward to losing that hour when we spring forward.

“I never get enough sleep and I was super happy to get that extra hour the other day. Normally I get like six or seven hours, but I got a whole extra one the other night so I’m feeling right,” said junior Camden Church.

School is very difficult if you do not get enough sleep. Students have fallen asleep in the middle of class and missed very important things that their teacher may go over. Getting one single extra hour can change a student’s entire day.

“It was nice because I had to stay up kind of late to get some homework done, so when I got up the next day it was like I didn’t even stay up late, so I was pretty happy about that,” said junior Sarah Guyton.

Staying up late to get your homework is great for your homework, but being tired in class and falling asleep and missing work while I’m school is not a viable option. It is best to try to keep yourselves out of situations such as those so you can keep your grades as high as you possibly can.

“I love sleep and I sleep all the time. I take like two naps a day and this extra hour was too nice,” said junior Andrew Earls.

Sleep is the secret most important part of school. The amount of sleep you get determines how your day will play out and how well you will do. Daylight savings made it a little easier…for a day.