Girls Soccer Crushes Seneca Valley 6 – 0 In Playoff Action

by Joana Haizel-Cobbina

On October 27th 2017, the Lions approached the field with an attitude of winning. The girls soccer team ran onto the field knowing they were going to give it everything they’ve got. As the time to play approached, the Lady Lions were filled with excitement as well as anxiety.  

“I am so excited for the game; we are definitely gonna crush the other team. I can’t wait,” senior Alexa Corchado said. “I think we are gonna do well, I can’t wait,”  said senior Kailey Johnson.

The girls soccer team started out strong scoring two points in the first half and by the second half of the game, they were up four points against Seneca Valley.

Junior Riley Brown scored three points and junior Chidera Ogwulu scored two points. With winning on their mind, the Lady Lions took home a win of 6-0 against Seneca Valley.

While the Lions have had a very rough season of 5-6-4, the Lions came together as a team and proved what they can do on the field last night. With this huge win, the Lions are more than excited to finish out the season.  “We are excited we have won. I can’t wait to play again next week,” Alexa Corchado said after the game. “Our team was better skilled this time around but they were fast and aggressive,” said junior Christina Corchado.

“I think the game last night went very well, our team has been underestimated throughout the whole season, and I think last night we proved that we’re unpredictable,” senior Rian Wright said. “We went into the game with confidence and we scored three goals in the first half. We had momentum into the second half which allowed us to score three more and come out with a win,” junior Leah Wells commented.

With this huge win for the Lions, we hope to see them continue to improve and succeed as they head towards the end of the season.