Happy Birthday to the Hole Puncher

by Alex Hearn

Happy birthday to the hole puncher. Today is the 131st birthday of the hole puncher, but some people may not know what a hole puncher is or how important it is.

In the most simple terms the hole puncher allows users to punch equal sized holes into pieces of paper. This sounds like a very basic tool, which it is, but it has also been a very useful tool. [1]

The hole puncher doesn’t get used or noticed as much as it used to. With the new age of people writing their essays and other documents online and sending them online the hole puncher seems to be getting less and less use. But the hole puncher can always help you when you need to print something out and put it into a binder. One satisfying click, and the holes are punched.

The hole puncher was invented by German inventor Friedrich Soennecken. He founded an office supplies business, Soennecken, in 1875. Soennecken has invented other inventions such as the ringed binder,which goes hand in hand with the hole puncher. [2]

The hole puncher works by a lever and spring system. The device lets you line up parallel blades that cut through paper when the lever is pulled down.[2]

Other items than just paper have been used with the hole puncher. The puncher is commonly used for tickets on trains.

It also has been used on photos, most notably pictures from the great depression. The government sent different photographers to go around to different farms and take pictures of what was happening on the farms. More than 150,000 photos were taken. Editor of the project was Roy Stryker, known for being ruthless as an editor. The photos that he didn’t like or find quality in, he hole punched. These photos have a high value because of the hole punch in them and the historic value .[3]

“My Grandfather owned a hole punch company a long time ago. So the fact that today’s the hole puncher’s birthday is cool I guess” said sophomore Eric Bain.

“I have’’t used the hole puncher in a while” stated sophomore Connor White.
Sophomore Michael Johnston added “The hole puncher is okay. I don’t use it though.”

The hole puncher was a tool that helped generations of people. Happy 131st birthday to the hole puncher!