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Holey Jeans… Hot or Not?

by Marisa Flores

Fashion has been a highly popular subject all throughout time. One trend that always seems to come back is wearing holey jeans.

By definition, holey jeans are “denim jeans with tear or rips, often on the knees but possibly in other locations on the pant.” [1] People wear them to accent their legs, to spice up their outfits, and simply to follow the trends.

Ripped/holey jeans are normally worn by girls. But as fashion has changed so have the “fashion rules.” Nowadays you are seeing more and more guys wearing ripped jeans.

People all over the world wear them. From Walkersville to Middletown, from Maryland to California, and even from the US to Europe. Not only are there many people who wear this trend and many places where this trend is popular, but there is also a variety of opinions regarding holey jeans. “I love them normally. They’re cute and go with just about everything. A reason I’d probably hate them is when they’re tight on my thighs and around where the hole is,” quoted Magruder High School junior Hannah Rice.

[Holey jeans] are nice but old people don’t approve. I don’t like when they are too ripped… ya know when it’s like practically wearing shorts? Yeah, that’s trashy,” said Walkersville High School sophomore Holly Offutt. Walkersville sophomore D’mitri Harris added, “Ripped jeans look nice to a certain extent. Some people go a little overboard.”

WHS English teacher Rebekah May stated, “I like holey jeans, and I own several pairs.” Junior Alex Barrera also said, “I think they’re cute on some people.” Magruder High School freshman Haley Rice added, “I like the jeans. I just got two pairs with a lot of holes. I mainly just think they look cool.”

“Holey jeans are a fashion trend that comes and goes about every decade or so. It was cool when I was in high school and was cool again several times since. I have no problem with them as a fashion statement. I think the price that young people pay for these jeans is ridiculous, but fashion has a cost, doesn’t it? Overall, I don’t think they are worth the money, but it’s not the worst fashion trend I’ve seen. (Uggs, high-waisted jeans, ugh!),” quoted WHS history teacher Paul Daly.

Personally I love holey jeans. They’re fun and they add a little something extra to your outfits. But regardless of what you think of ripped jeans, they are highly fashionable right now. They are also sold in almost every store. If you want to add a statement piece to any outfit, go out and buy yourself a pair of ripped jeans.



[1] https://www.apparelsearch.com/terms/r/ripped-jeans-history.html