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If Autumn Comes, Can Winter Be Far Behind?

by Audrey McClatchie

Each month of the year brings new holidays as well as events we may dread. From school starting in September, to finally reaching summer in June, each student has their favorite time of year.

With many polls on people’s favorite time of year, fall always comes in first. [1] Even at Walkersville High School, many students agree.

“I love the changing of the leaves and the colors,” said senior Jasmine Bradley, “and I get to wear warm clothes.”

Finally breaking from from the steamy heat, sophomore Jasmine Aguilar-Godwin said she enjoyed fall for a different reason, “It’s cold outside so I just sleep.”

Senior Kayla Flanary expressed, “I like the weather outside, and the colors of the leaves.”

Besides the changing colors, fall is the beginning of a long holiday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the excitement before Christmas.

Senior Brady Toms said, “After Halloween is when I start to get excited.”

“It’s Thanksgiving and there’s a lot of really good food,” added Bradley with a laugh.

Freshman Sirinity Jones also agreed that Halloween is a reason to look forward to fall.

When asked about her favorite time of year, freshman Samantha Hagerty stated, “Probably December. Christmas is my favorite holiday.”

Christmas is most likely the reason winter comes in as a close second in favorite seasons.

“I love winter, but only when it snows a lot,” explained senior Kailey Elise Johnson.

When it comes to the less popular months, the heat seems to dampen kids’ spirits. “I hate summer; it’s too hot,” Johnson admitted.

Even with school out, the long summer months with few celebrations can feel like a drag. Toms commented on his least favorite month as “probably August, just because there’s not a lot going on that’s exciting.”

Then, of course spring doesn’t appeal either. Hagerty agreed, “Spring because of allergies,” which is a common issue for many.

Each season has its ups and downs, and everyone has their opinions. As for now, most students are enjoying the cool weather and upcoming festivities!