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Indoor Track Team Poised to Continue Recent Successes

by Joana Haizel-Cobbina

As the fall season comes to a close, another season approaches. Winter brings new sports and excitement. Indoor track is one of the winter sports that take place at Walkersville High School. As the season began many gathered their belongings and headed to the locker rooms ready for their first day of practice. Many are excited for the new season and can’t wait to see what the season holds.

“I think it’s going to be a great season and I am very excited to be doing indoor this year,” junior Ayanna Hill said.  

“I think the season’s [going to] be good as long as we all stay as dedicated as we are right now and keep pushing each other hard every practice. Also I am very excited for this season, not only from the actual events but also to be out there with my second family,” sophomore Katie Hamilton commented.

“This season is [going to] be different since we lost our old teammates so it’s a new environment to work with but I definitely think with all the new faces and working hard at practices everyday. This season will be very great and I am excited to be back on the team. I am excited to see the talent that this team has,” junior Natalie Miller added.

While many are excited for the season to begin, others are feeling the complete opposite.

“I am not excited for the season to begin, I am very nervous,” junior Jackson Larimore said.

“These past few seasons on the WHS Team have really given me a sense of a family outside of my household. I have made friends that I will always hold close to my heart while being able to participate in a sport that I love. This year I want to set an example for the younger athletes on the team; a lot of them have the potential to be just as successful as I have if they maintain the work ethic too. I’ve been working three years to get to where I am today so it is also important that I don’t lose sight of my goals. I will continue to work hard and push myself to new boundaries and help my team to do the same,” senior Autumn Parson commented.

With the new sport season beginning, we wish each and every athlete good luck! Make the Walkersville community proud.