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Justice League Introduces New Characters You Will Want to Know

by Jacob Hojnacke

The highly anticipated movie,  Justice League was released November 17th. Overall it was a good movie, but like any DC film it had some flaws. The movie did an excellent job of putting the heroes of the DC universe together.

The leader of the league is billionaire Bruce Wayne/Batman. Wayne is handling the death of Superman in his own way. Actor Ben Affleck described the character as, “[A] typically kind of a loner. I guess you´d call him kind of inward, you know?” [1]

While Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is playing a large part in the protection of the innocent, the Amazons warn her of an upcoming evil. She goes to Batman’s side to unify a team.

The first new member we get introduced to is Arthur Curry, also known as the Aquaman. He is a strong and independent powerhouse with the ability to control the water around him. I would like to see him have more of a story in the future because I felt he was overlooked at times.

The next person we meet is potentially the best part of the movie; his name is Barry Allen/The Flash, a young struggling to hold his four jobs while pursuing a career in criminal science. He does all this for his father, who is in jail for his mother’s murder. Barry was only a young boy and swears that his father did not kill his mother.

He is later approached by Bruce Wayne after a short altercation. We see Barry learn that Bruce is Batman and we learn that Barry is fast. But not your typical fast, Barry is as fast as lightning.

Barry goes by the superhero name of The Flash and saves people at light speeds. He has a glass half full attitude, and a comic feel whenever he is on the screen. However, to those who watch the television series, The Flash, Ezra Miller’s version was in many ways different than Grant Gustin’s The Flash. He is definitely a great part of the movie and I’m sure many people enjoy his character.

The final member to join was Victor Stone/The Human Cyborg. After an accident that cost almost all of his limbs, his father, a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, used technology to heal his son. Victor didn’t take it well and called himself a freak, until he met the other powerful members of the Justice League.

The villain is known as Steppenwolf, a leader of an army of parademons and is on a mission to find the three mother boxes. When put together,  they create a war like atmosphere that covers the planet.

The storyline connects with the other DC franchise movies like Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman, and Wonder Woman. The story was good at best, but it felt a little lacking and sometimes boring. However, there were some scenes that were amazing.

Actors like Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot brought the best out of our heroes to the big screen, while Jason Momoa brought a new take on the iconic Aquaman. ¨

While there is a lot of controversy on Ben Affleck being the Batman, he portrayed a very different Batman. One that was both grovely and lighthearted at times. Ray Fisher was a good pick to portray The Human Cyborg, but I feel like he needed to show more of a fun character than a robot with ¨teen acceptance¨ problems.

Steppenwolf was not as bad as I had thought he would be. He was however, a little weak and not too much of him was shown to make him really stand out like a villain should.

Sophomore Matthew Dornan said, ¨It was a very good movie. Barry being awkward and the conflict with Aquaman the entire time was golden.”

The truth is, you should go form your own opinion. The movie was fun and enjoyable to watch. If you are a fan of superheroes or comics, this would definitely be a great movie for you!

Justice League is playing in theaters near you.


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