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Live Action Lion King Cast Has Students Excited

by Rebecca Raub

Many people have been looking forward to the live-action version of The Lion King, projected to come out in summer 2019. The original animated movie came out in 1994, and has been a childhood classic for many people of our generation. The Lion King is also on Broadway and is the third largest running broadway show. [1] Last Wednesday, Walt Disney Studios tweeted out a picture of the cast for the movie, showing a picture of each actor and who they play. The list is as follows: [2]

  • Simba- Donald Glover
  • Nala- Beyoncé (!) Knowles Carter
  • Mufasa- James Earl Jones
  • Scar- Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Sarabi- Alfre Woodard
  • Zazu- John Oliver
  • Rafiki- John Kani
  • Pumbaa- Seth Rogen
  • Timon- Billy Eichner
  • Azizi- Eric André
  • Shenzi- Florence Kasumba
  • Kamari- Keegan-Michael Key
  • Young Simba- JD McCrary
  • Young Nala- Shahadi Wright Joseph

I asked Walkersville students what they thought about the decision to remake the classic film, and if they liked the cast.

Sophomore Ishani Tewari is really looking forward to the new movie, “I’m so excited! I love Donald Glover and Beyoncé, and I like the diversity of the cast it’s so great, and it’s about time.”

Senior Megan Goins said, “I usually hate remakes of Disney movies, but I am excited to see this one because the cast is extremely talented and The Lion King is a classic story.”

Freshman Dasha Anorchie was excited to talk about the upcoming movie. Anorchie shared, “I like the cast because Desiigner is going to be playing Ed and that makes perfect sense. Beyoncé is perfect for playing older Nala. I hope it’s as good as it seems like it will be.”

Aside from these students, it seems that all over social media platforms such as Twitter people are also thrilled about the cast and have high expectations for the 2019 movie. Remaking such a classic movie is a risky move, so let’s hope The Lion King lives up to the hype.


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