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Marvel Movies Are a Lot Better Than DC Films

by Noah Lind

The two biggest superhero comic franchises haven’t always been in this feisty competition for best comic series. That more so happened when the newer movies began to come out, and there was a clear difference in quality between the two. DC comics, while having incredible comics and characters, has definitely fallen short in the movie category.

Marvel’s movies are clearly much more entertaining to view regardless of which series you may like better. The films are much better written and directed, and they seamlessly integrate comedy into each of their films in some way, which really adds to the viewing experience.

      “I love DC characters, but their movies kind of suck. I like movies like the Avengers and stuff like that. I also liked Guardians of the Galaxy a lot even though it was kind of separate from the usual super heroes,” junior Camden Church said.

DC characters are great, such as Batman and Superman, although the films about these two heroes lack the energy that’s found in a typical marvel movie. If we compare Batman vs. Superman to the movie Captain America: Civil War, you can see that Batman vs. Superman is almost over done. I did really enjoy the movie, but Captain America was just much better done.

       “I like Batman vs. Superman, and I like a lot of the Marvel movies. I like them both, but I’ve always been more of a marvel fan because I used to watch Spider-Man all the time when I was a little kid,” said junior Andrew Earls.

Marvel and DC are both great comic books with great characters, but when they’re brought to the big screen, Marvel just does a much more effective job bringing their characters to life where DC just gets outperformed. I do have high hopes for Justice League and I’m very excited to see it.

Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League are currently in theatres. See them while you can!