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Netflix Increasing Their Prices Per Month – Is It Still Worth It?

by Ashley Terry

Friday, December 1st is the official start of the Christmas season. For Netflix users, December 1st means that their membership fees increase. Although, if you use the one screen plan, there’s nothing to worry about. But why the need to increase prices?

The price increase was first announced back in October 2017. Representatives from Netflix stated that they wanted to be able to add more movies and tv shows; hence the need to increase membership fees. [1]

The streaming company first launched in 2007 and has grown tremendously in popularity among teenagers. Netflix currently has 52 million members subscripted to their company. [1] Members were first alerted of the price increase back in October and were given 30 days to change their plan or to cancel their membership.

Here’s a breakdown of the increase per plan effective on December 1st: [2]

  • One Screen: $7.99
  • Two-Screens: $9.99 to $10.99
  • Four Screens: $11.99 to $13.99

This isn’t the first time Netflix has increased membership fees. Back in 2007, Netflix was a DVD only streaming company and memberships were $16.99 for 17 hours of streaming. In 2008, they added a cheaper plan to attract more viewers. They created a two DVD rental plan for $4.99. If you wanted a Blu-ray DVD then it would cost extra. [3]

The Netflix we’re familiar with launched in 2011 when the company decided to add the option of streaming online. The option caused Netflix to lose 800,000 members because if you wanted a DVD mailed to you, you had to pay for both options. The monthly DVD rental prices ranged from $7.99-$19.99. [3]

In 2014, any new customers to the company would have an increased membership fee while older customers remained the same. For new members, their fee would be $9.99 while the rest remained at $7.99. [3]

Senior Parker Montour simply stated, “It’s stupid.”

“My boyfriend pays for my Netflix so it doesn’t effect me, but it’s stupid,” said senior Maddie Ropp. Shepherd University Freshman Brooklyn Pfaltzgraff commented, “I think the price increase is unnecessary because if they aren’t going to offer anything else in addition to the increase, then we are paying for the same options we had before. I feel like with a big company like that, a price increase isn’t benefiting anyone but their revenue. It doesn’t benefit the consumer so we shouldn’t have to pay more for our subscription.”

For all current members, you have thirty days to decide if you want to pay more for your account or cancel your membership. If not, then perhaps you should try Hulu, Amazon, or any streaming company. There are many high expectations for next years films and tv shows. I mean, we are paying for it, right?



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