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NHS Exceeds Goal with Over 600 Cans of Food for Walkersville Families

by Rebecca Raub

Walkersville’s National Honors Society hosted a food drive the week of November 13-17th to collect canned goods and non-perishables for those that may not have the classic Thanksgiving feast many people look forward to every year. NHS will be distributing this food out to 23 families in the Walkersville area. There are multiple posters around the school to remind students to go through their kitchen and see what they could donate, every little bit counts and it’s very easy to do.

The National Honors Society has always been dedicated to serving the community with help from its gifted members. I talked to social studies teacher Jamie Skena, the leader of Walkersville’s chapter of NHS. The food drive is now over, so I asked her opinion of how it went this year.

“We set a goal this year of collecting 600 items. As of lunchtime we have 684 items and there are three more boxes coming after school. There will be boxes for each of the 23 families to pick up on Monday,” Skena said, noting that this year was her eighth year doing the food drive.

Secretary Sofia Bowers told me, “Our goal was to collect 600 items and we ended up collecting over 700, and we still have more to sort!”

Vice President Susanna Chen shared, “In total, we collected over 680 cans of food which is above our limit. Our success is entirely credited to the generosity of the community and the hard work of the people who helped collect food or took the time to go to the grocery store and buy food to donate. I know Mrs. Skena went on a shopping spree at Target yesterday for things to donate.”

“We got a lot of food; we’ve exceeded our goal of 600 items of food,” senior Debbie Afolabi added.

There was a great turnout this year, and Walkersville came together to support families who are in need at this time of year especially near the holidays. Every single person that donated helped a family have a happy Thanksgiving, which everyone deserves. Now is the time to be thankful and the NHS most certainly is. If you didn’t donate this year, start collecting now for next year’s food drive, because every little thing counts.

As an added bonus, because we met our goal, next Tuesday will be a pajama day for Walkersville High, which is perfect because we all will be very excited for our break.