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Opinions Are Varied About the Winter Weather To Come

by Madison Miller

Who would have thought that when November came around all of our plant life would suddenly die off? Locals definitely didn’t. They were very surprised to see thriving plant life one day and then dead plant life the next because of the hard frost.   With the weather rapidly changing, you should expect to see plants begin to die.

Very chilly weather is in store for the upcoming winter, along with a possible six plus inches of snow. [1]

The students and staff of WHS have different opinions on the upcoming increase in snow count than last year. Many aren’t looking forward to driving to go to work or school when there is snow on the ground. On the other hand, some students make money because of the snow so they are looking forward to it.  

Junior Alex Smith commented, “I am not looking forward to the shoveling. My house has a long driveway that I always have to shovel to get the vehicles out. Also, I don’t like how snow keeps us from doing things and going out.”

Lots of students love the snow but complain about shoveling because if it snowed a lot in a short period of time it can be really hard to get it all done.  

“I am looking forward to when the snow starts because I can work and make lots of money.  I enjoy when the snow comes because of this…” added sophomore Mikey Stitely.

“I personally didn’t know we were getting a snowstorm, but yeah I am very excited. I love snow so much.  Also, if I get snowed in at work I get double time and a half,” said senior Justin Smith.

Some students are looking forward to the snow because they enjoy getting snowed in so they can receive more days off school, especially the seniors since they will not have to make up these snow days.

“I have little siblings so I enjoy watching them have fun in the snow. I don’t like having to shovel the sidewalks and parking spots though, that’s always inconvenient. I love seeing all the different kinds of snowmen also,” said junior Emily Jenkins.  

All students have different views on the news of more snow this year compared to last year headed our way.  Some are excited for potential work, and others are not looking forward to having to shovel out their cars and sidewalks.  Overall, everybody should have a fun and safe time in the snow we’re expecting!


[1] https://patch.com/maryland/annapolis/winter-forecast-maryland-what-expect-2017-18