Scary Movies Entertain and Thrill WHS Students

by Elizabeth Chavez

Now that Halloween is over, students are reflecting on the scary films that have been released this fall. Many students and staff had a variety of scary films that they have enjoyed during the fall. Here are the most popular according to students’ opinions:


  • The Cult of Chucky- 10 votes
  • Annabelle Creation- 9  votes
  • Jigsaw- 8 votes
  • The Mummy- 7 votes
  • Rings- 7 votes
  • Boo 2: A Madea Halloween- 5 votes
  • Life– 4 votes
  • Patient Zero- 3 votes


  • Happy Death Day– 2 votes
  • The Hatred– 1 vote
  • Tragedy Girl– 1 vote
  • The Killing of Sacred Deer– 1 vote
  • The Snare– 1 vote

Technology teacher Regina Stelma commented “I don’t watch scary movies.”

Junior Emily Jenkins added, “I love scary movies. I would watch Madea’s Halloween or It.

Junior Bella Canto said, “I like to watch Happy Death Day.”

Sophomore Jackie Montano added, “Scary movies are my thing. I would like to watch The Cult of Chucky and Jigsaw.” Freshman Karly Rutherford said, “I don’t really like scary movies but I would really like to watch Jigsaw and Annabelle Creation.”

Junior Josh Crowder said, “I would like to watch Jigsaw and Annabelle Creation. I love watching scary movies around halloween because you get more scared.”  

Junior Jabera Favor commented, “Scary movies are life. I love watching scary movies especially when I’m by myself in my room with the light off. I want to see It and The Cult of Chucky.”

Sophomore Tamiya Philip added to what Favor said, “ Scary movies are the bomb, I love watching scary movies. The movie[s] I [would] love to see is Cult of Chucky or Boo 2 Madea Halloween.” Junior Hunter Littlejohn added to Phillip, “I’d see Madea Halloween 2 and Happy Death Day.

Sophomore Ianna Hill finished by telling us, “I’d like to see Boo 2 Madea Halloween and Happy Death Day.”

Many of our students enjoy being scared. Although Halloween is over, some of these films are still in theaters. Hopefully the films with the most votes will be available for streaming soon. See them while you still can!