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Senior Michael Tauriello Earns Varsity Letter and Huge Applause for Contributions to WHS

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by Addie Robert

Senior Michael Tauriello has been our phenomenal photographer at Walkersville High School for the past three years.  “Because he’s been a faithful loyal kid for three and half years and taking pictures at all of our sporting games; I checked with Mr. Mummert and we thought it’d be appropriate, we thought he’d be a varsity letter winner so Friday night we will be presenting him .with a varsity letter just like an athlete would for his dedication and service of the athletic department from me and coach Polce.” Principal Tracey Kibler commented on Thursday.


WHS Lion’s Pride: How surprised were you when you realized you were getting a varsity letter?


Tauriello: “Well I had come up to Davis and Rian to ask them what was happening, and then they had told me they were doing a chant so I didn’t suspect a thing. Not a minute later there’s a placard being handed to me and I could barely say anything!”


WHS Lion’s Pride: How does it feel knowing you are well appreciated?


Tauriello: It feels absolutely awesome to realize that a community can rally like this behind a guy that does something seemingly simple compared to what the football players go through every single week! I love it, I will never forget it! When Ms. Kibler started speaking I had thought it was just going to be an announcement for a car that had its lights on!”


Senior Rian Wright stated “I think Michael deserved the varsity letter because he does a lot for the students at Walkersville, whether it’s taking pictures for the student section, or writing amazing articles, all of us students really appreciate everything Michael does. He deserved the recognition last night for always being at every single game taking his time out of his day taking pictures for us.”


Thank you for everything you do for us Michael — we are all extremely grateful to have you!