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Thanksgiving Is a Family-Oriented Holiday

by Jaizon Jenkins

Thanksgiving is coming, and now is the time to go out into the wilderness and hunt for some turkey or go to the store and buy yourself a turkey. It’s that easy!

Thanksgiving is the time to come together with family and remember what you’re thankful for. We eat a big meal and enjoy our time together.

For Media Specialist Cindy Doggett, “I have Thanksgiving meals, play family board games, and watch the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation before dinner and it jump starts our Christmas season. Last year we expanded beyond my immediate family and invited my son-in-laws and an additional five people. Having all of my children together in one roof again.”

Senior Alexander Dorsey said, “The family gets together we eat, laugh, and tell jokes you know it’s a black Thanksgiving, just coming together as a family, all the good food is my favorite part. The funniest part was when my grandfather slipped and the turkey fell and broke on the floor.”

Senior Tavion Francis said, “I always get dressed up and ready for my family to come through to party and eat. The food was my favorite part because each person brings own thing and each of them taste amazing.”

There are many fun things to do with the family on Thanksgiving. It’s not just a eating holiday it’s a family holiday, similar to Christmas.

The best part for people on Thanksgiving is the food. Just remember to clarify how you like your turkey cooked, we don’t want a Thanksgiving like in Friends (Where Monica cooked three separate turkeys to meet everyone’s expectations).