The History of Candy – Why Do We Love It So?

by Nick Powers

Candy is very popular among kids and teenagers and has been around for decades. But  where did it start? How did it become the wonderful and delectable treats we know it as today?

The first few traces of candy were back in the prehistoric era with it being a simple treat of honeycomb and honey, but while it existed it was quite a rarity at the time. The next few traces of candy appear around 1500 BC with the ancient egyptians adding figs, nuts, dates, spices and honey in order to create a treat that today we would consider “candy.” [1]

Over the next few thousand years there isn’t any trace of new candy being popularized in cultures until around 1847 where the first chocolate bars started to appear. These first chocolate bars were a mix of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and sugar. These were then placed into a mold to create these chocolate bars. [1]

The next new jump in candy was around 80 years later in the 1920’s where the first candy cane was made as a christmas treat. It wasn’t until around 30 years later in 1950 where candy canes machines were made and they began to be mass produced.

The next candy to appear on the map was Cotton Candy in 1897 then in the early 1900’s cotton candy then started to be mass produced. [1]

Later in the mid 1900’s the candy we know today was starting to be produced, everything from chocolate to lemon drops were being produced making it the “Golden Age” of candy. Candy was constantly improving and new ones were popping up in every corner of the globe making sure there was a very wide selection of candy available. [1] Sophomore Cory Abrecht stated“I thought the age of candy had started sometime in the 19050s, but I had no idea how far back candy went, it really amazes me that candy had actually been around that long.”

The newest types of candy were then made now in the 2000’s. With all the new types of candy popping up everywhere nowadays it’s very hard to find out when and where new candies appear as there are just far too many to count. [1] Freshman Matthew Bennici stated “I really enjoy eating candy, it’s one of the many treats I like, it’s interesting to know how it started.”

Since candy is still evolving, it’s hard to guess when and how candies will evolve into new forms that people will continue to enjoy for years to come.  



[1]  https://www.candyhistory.net/candy-origin/