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The New Movie Wonder Has People Buzzing with Excitement

by Audrey McClatchie

With the abundance of movies coming out, a certain book coming to the screens has people buzzing with excitement.

[1] Wonder, a novel written by Raquel J. Palacio, was published in 2012 and sold a million copies in its first 18 months out. The story centers around August “Auggie” Pullman, a fifth grader with mandibulofacial dysostosis, or, Treacher Collins syndrome and a cleft palate. All these diagnoses result in his face being unique.

August’s parents decide it is finally time for him to go to a public school, and they and August are quite anxious. After years of protection from the full force of society, Auggie learns many wonderful, but also difficult, things in school.

In Wonder, the year progresses with narrations from different characters, giving perspective to all the sides of the story.

Many people have heard of this famous novel, but few know the story well. “He tries to fit into his school but with the help of his family he gets through it,” freshman Anthony Majaho guessed.

“I looks like its gonna be a [weeper],” senior Julia O’Connell said, “Because the little boy looks sad!”

Majaho added his anticipation for the film as being, “mostly the story, just to see what happens.”

For those who have read it, there are high expectations for the movie to meet. Sophomore Taylor Lowe commented, “Since the book is a different writing style than most books are, it may be hard to put it in completely.”

“Film adaptations don’t go very well,” sophomore Luke Keith bluntly admitted.

With the stars Jacob Tremblay (Auggie), Julia Roberts (Isabel Pullman), Owen Wilson (Nate Pullman) making up the leads in the cast, Wonder is bound to be incredible.

“It looks like it’s gonna be cute,” admitted O’Connell.

Wonder comes to theatres November 17th, so be sure to see it yourself!



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