Tutoring Can Be the Answer When Students Struggle In Class


by Madison Miller

When a student is struggling in a specific class, most of the time they’ll reach out to somebody that can tutor them and help them do better in whatever subject they are having a hard time in. Over 2,000 schools in the United States are required to provide tutoring for any students that are considered failing. [1]

Junior Chianne Downing explained what she thought of tutoring in a very informative quote, “Tutors are very helpful and I like them. I don’t personally use them, but I think that they provide a great opportunity for other students that aren’t as strong in certain subjects.”

“I think it’s good because some teachers don’t know how to work with specific students, so they don’t really reach out to all the students with different learning techniques.  Tutors really help out when a student can’t really fully understand what the teacher is teaching,” added junior Claire Lynch.

A lot of students agree with that, saying that some teachers can’t fully understand how different students learn, so they only stick to one teaching way and that always doesn’t work for every student.

“I think that they are helpful. I don’t use them but I see how they can benefit some students.  I think the teachers that take time to help students that need extra help are great and should definitely be appreciated,” commented sophomore Jazz Salters.

“I think tutoring is a helpful program to make students understand different subjects better.  I’ve seen multiple students benefit from tutoring, so I think that all schools should definitely offer tutoring,” commented junior Emily Jenkins.

“I think tutors can be helpful as long as they have good experience in the subject they’re helping a student out in,” commented sophomore Will Mohler.  

“When I see myself not doing too good in a specific class, I’ll either get help from that teacher or ask a student that is better in the subject than I am.  Tutoring is a great program and I think that Walkersville should start offering it more,” added junior Alex Smith.

Students view tutoring lots of different ways. Some think that the purpose of tutoring is for students to relearn a certain subject through a different source.  Some others think that tutoring is just a beneficial way for students to become better in a subject they need more help in.  Either way, tutoring is a helpful way for students to succeed in certain classes.  



[1] https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4676496