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Walking Dead Season 8 Starts with a War

features - walking dead season 8

by Noah Lind


The eighth season of the smash hit The Walking Dead has finally premiered, and with it comes the excitement that only a zombie apocalypse can bring out in us.

“I thought it was really good, I liked how it all played out and connected with the end of last season,” said junior Walker Owen.

“I really liked the way they started off this season, it was very exciting and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching. I love how they brought it all together from the previous season, and I loved getting to see my favorite character Rick back in action!” said junior Brianna Francis.

“I like the way they brought everyone back and shot the episode in a different way. They kind of jumped back and forth, so it was not all chronological like what is typical with most shows I watch. It was cool to see something different like that,” said junior Andrew Earls.

Episode One opens up in an unfamiliar fashion. We start with a view of Rick and his gang huddled up on a hill preparing for war. He and the other groups are planning an attack on Neegan, their most evil enemy yet. They plan to attack him using a bunch of cars and an entire vicious horde of zombies called “walkers.”

They carry out their aggressive plan, but not all goes well. The friendly pastor Gabriel tries to save someone even though they are enemies and ends up getting left behind by Rick and the rest of the group. He goes and hides in a building but the last scene reveals that he is in a building with none other than the cruel and vile Neegan.

“I like the way they ended the episode with such a huge cliffhanger; it was pretty cool to see something like that,” added Francis.

Hopefully The Walking Dead keeps up the anty and brings the same amount of suspense and action with every episode.