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What Are the Worst Scary Movies Ever?

by Jaizon Jenkins

Do you know what could add to the Halloween spirit? Halloween Movies! Although some of these movies can be awful. Now I know what you’re thinking, “All horror movies are scary, how could they be any bad horror movies?” Well that’s where you’re wrong. These are the worst Halloween movies ever.

So first we have on this list is the 1988 horror film Hobgoblins. So after hearing the name of this movie it just sounds corny and silly to fear over some little goblins from outer space going on a rampage. Not even I would be scared of that. Hobgoblin is a 1988 American low budget, independent comedy horror film. The film is generally considered to be of exceptionally poor quality and has became one of the worst films of all time. It has become a cult film because of its poor quality and earned infamy after it was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.  

Next we have The Wicker Man. The Wicker Man is a 2006 horror film written and directed by Neil LaBute, starring Nicolas Cage. The film received overwhelmingly negative reviews from film critics at the time of its release. Critics pointed to the film’s unintentional hilarity, weak acting, and poor screenwriting. The film was also a financial flop, grossing over $38 million against a $40 million production budget. Since its original release, it has developed a cult following as an entertaining unintentional comedy, particularly due to Cage’s over-the-top performance.

Next we have Resident Evil: Retribution. This is a 2012 science fiction action horror film. It is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series based on the Capcom survival horror video game series Resident Evil, and the third to be written and directed by Anderson after the first film and the previous installment.

Last one on our list is the 1995 iconic horror films, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. This sixth film in the series makes the mistake of over-explaining Myers’s supernatural powers and throws in a goofy subplot involving a shadowy cult. Much of the problem is the multiple rewrites, butchered editing, and troubled production that make the film downright indecipherable at points.

According to some of the people at Walkersville like sophomore Natalie Lee said, “Halloweentown Three was the worst one I seen and the first one and second one were good. It was cheezy and they reused the plot of the first two movies.” Guidance Counselor Susan Nash said, “Jeepers Creepers, the scary character was very unrealistic.” Attendance Secretary Shelley Dowling said, “Leprechaun because it was unbelievable even from a fantasy perspective. The humor and scary didn’t work together.

So now you know some of the worst Halloween movies of all time. I was expecting worse than this. I mean we’ve all seen movies that are just awful. That’s a bummer that these were considered terrible. But sometimes the cornier, the better! Remember to turn on a scary movie and get in the spirit.