What Kind of Music Is Your Personal Favorite?

by Jaizon Jenkins

There are many genres of music all over the world. One genre isn’t superior over others. Many people all have their likes and dislikes towards music, it all depends on the person. Music is incorporated into your everyday life, and it can sometimes be handmade. It is enjoyable to hear and gives listeners the chance to make a connection through the lyrics.

Senior Nahshon Waters said of his favorite music,“R&B because it relaxes me. I like listening to it when I drive at night. It is unique and special for me because it’s that only truthful feeling from the heart. Jill Scott is favorite artist because she has a beautiful voice.”

Senior Jared Gress said, “Rock. It was just pump for lifting; my favorite band is Five Finger Death Punch. It was the first thing I listened to and just got hooked to it. It’s unique to me because whenever I need to finish a set [it gives me] that motivation.”

Deputy Holland said, “Old school R&B and old school rap; you can understand it and it’s easy to dance to. My favorite artist is Tupac — his music expressed his life and who he was. He was always able to stay true to himself. It is unique and special to me because it reminds me of my childhood.”

Music can be inspired to the artist and the person listening to the artist. When you listen to your average artist who do you think that artist gets their inspiration from? It can be anything that’s happened in their past that gave them the passion to be an artist or a musician. It can also help you overcome the struggles that has occurred to you in your life. I’m pretty sure we all have gone through any kind of struggle in life, and music can help.