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Which Is Better — DC or Marvel?

by Jaizon Jenkins

In this realm of DC Universe we have the greatest heroes of all times and villains if villains even count as the best for people. According to senior Quanai Mcclain, “Martian Manhunter is the best superhero, because he can shapeshift and turn into anyone he wants; he can teleport to any place and he can pretty much beat anybody.”

Senior Nahshon Waters said,”Aquaman is the best superhero. He is literally almost immortal. He can control weather, water, and also sea animals.” Junior Avonne Wade said, “Batman, his fighting skills are mixed marital arts. The reason why he is the best out of all the  characters in DC is because he is all natural.”

DC Universe characters are better than Marvel because DC has more dark, strong, crazy, powerful, and likeable villains. DC also has better TV shows than Marvel. DC also has better writers when it comes to making a comic strip or a movie.

DC has great characters that are enjoyable to talk about. On November 16th, there was an argument at first lunch at Walkersville High School who is better, Batman or Superman. Students were going back and forth saying Batman is better or Superman is better because he saved the world twice. For that argument I think neither is better for that they have their own strengths and weaknesses. My personal favorite would be Batman. I think he is the greatest superhero to me, but I don’t think he’s the most well-rounded.

The problem with DC Universe is that they never have the audience view killing, other than Batman. DC and Marvel are both great group of heroes and villains they both have their differences and that’s what makes them so great.