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WHS Celebrates NHS Food Drive Success with a Pajama Day

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by Valerie Coleman

Today is Pajama Day! Since the National Honors Society reached their goal of collecting 600 non-perishable food items, WHS kicked off the Thanksgiving break by allowing all students to wear their pajamas to school.

The NHS coordinator, Jamie Skena, said, “We set a goal to collect 600 food items. Last year, we set the goal at 500 and raised it this year. We have collected almost 700 items. We decided to thank the students by allowing them to wear their pajamas to school the day before Thanksgiving break.”

Senior Kaily Johnson said, “I feel like this day is acceptable because we are all very hard working students and collected enough non-perishable food items to reach the National Honors Society’s goal. That being said, a day of comfort for students is reasonable and well earned.”

Senior Keren Ott said, “Pajama day is the easiest and most popular spirit day. However, it is difficult for me to stay awake in class because I am so comfortable throughout the day.”

“Pajama day is my favorite spirit day, even though I do not typically wear this to bed every night,” added senior Alexa Corchado.

Junior Patrick Huber said, “Today is a fun day because I got to wear my cow onesie and it is utterly fantastic!”

Freshman Maddie Austin said, “I think it is nice to roll out of bed in the morning and just get up and go.”

“It was really fun to stay in my pajamas all day. It was easier for me to wake up since I did not have to change and could leave for school in the same clothes I went to bed in,” added senior Rachel Green.

Sophomore Owen Welty said, “Even though I did not do Pajama Day, I wish I did because everyone seems so comfy and I wish I was too. Hopefully this spirit day happens again very soon, so I can participate and wear my pajamas as well.”

Days like today are possible by student’s kind actions, like donating canned foods. Pajama Day should be a spirit day for in the future since it was such a success today.