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WHS Lucky to Have Paul Daly as a Psychology Teacher

by Joana Haizel-Cobbina

Have you ever met a teacher who makes you laugh an entire class? A teacher you can relate to? Well meet Paul Daly, a Walkersville High School psychology teacher. Daly has been Teaching at Walkersville for 16 years and as the years pass, his love and passion for teaching only grows stronger.

WHSLP:  Have you ever thought about quitting?

Daly: “ Yes, it gets stressful. Not everyday is a wonderful day, some are good, some are bad”

WHSLP: What do you do on your free time?

Daly: “I spend a lot of time with my two daughters. I like to hike and swim as well”

WHSLP: What’s your favorite part about teaching?

Daly: “ I like exposing the kids to things they didn’t know before. I took psychology in college and I just loved everything about it and when the job opened up, I jumped right on it”

WHSLP: If you could pick anything else to teach, what would it be?

Daly: “ I would love to be able to teach music but I suck at it. Its one of those thing I wish I could teach and was skilled at”

“He is enthusiastic about his job. He makes me laugh a lot! And he does a good job at answering questions” senior Nathan Berry says. “He yelled at me for coughing and he helped me love psychology” senior Elisabeth Madsen says. “He seems really loud but he looks like he looks out for his students” senior Paige Shortt says.

Daly’s fun attitude makes him a favorite among the Walkersville High students. His love and passion for his job as well as his students show while he’s teaching. He looks out for his students and shows them how learning doesn’t always have to be boring. Walkersville High is very lucky to have Daly as a teacher.