Caroling Is a Holiday Tradition and a Fun Way to Sing for Your Neighbors

by Hannah Benson

Around the holidays, people travel door to door caroling. But, what started this strange tradition of “asking for figgy pudding?”

Christmas Carols were originally songs for St. Francis of Assisi’s pageants, and others plays in Italy. The crowd watching would sing along during the songs, or “canticles” and they became more popular and well known. [1]

In 1410, many carols were written on Christmas myths, especially fictional stories on Mary and Jesus’s life. In the 1600’s, the carols had almost completely disappeared. They fell “out of use,” but were reintroduced later. [1]

As time went on, groups referred to as “waits,” would carol, and ask for money. But, they could only sing on Christmas Eve, and had to be led by a government official. If it had any other circumstances, they waits were referred to as beggars, and were looked down upon. (Think about it, people were going around asking for money.) [1]

At the same time, orchestras and choirs were formed for performing Christmas songs. This led to carols becoming popular once again. Carols were sung up and down the streets of cities and towns. [1]

More and more carols have been written and there are an assortment of different tunes.

Sophomore Lea Roberts stated, “Personally, I think caroling is boring, but I could see how it could be fun if you got a good group of people that you like to hang out with.”

“I have never been before, but I do think it is a good tradition and if you practice that tradition, then keep doing it,” commented freshman Lizzy Miller.

Harshini Parandapalli compassionately replied, “I like it but I kind of feel bad for the singers because it’s all cold. And they have to sing at other people’s houses and some people aren’t as nice. I have never been caroling before, but carols have come to my house before.”

Other high schoolers seem to not like caroling, but sophomore Morgan Carter disagrees. She confidently exclaimed, “No, no, no, no! Caroling is great — everyone should do it! I have been before, it was a lot of fun. All of my friends went. We sang happy songs, and had a lot of fun together.”

Throughout history, carol’s popularity has changed, but the joy it spreads will always remain consistent.