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Carroll Creek Boats Lend a Festive Air to Downtown Frederick

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by Jacob Hojnacke

Downtown Frederick starts off the Winter Solstice by putting festive holiday themed boats in Carroll Creek and they look amazing.

The boats are around 18 feet tall and decorated in festive holiday decorations. This idea was sparked by Peter Kremers in 2012. The event started off with only one bright neon Christmas themed boat.

“Basically, the creek water with the garden is active April through November and the plants are taken out for the winter,” Kremers explained [1] He got the idea from yacht owners.

Many people were out and about Saturday afternoon and I had the chance to ask them about the boats. A Walkersville Junior Tori Piechowski said that “They looked really cute and added to the appeal of downtown Frederick.”

I also asked Maria Beben who is a local of downtown Frederick stated that “The boats brought a new festive atmosphere to the creeks.”

Some of the recognizable boats include the Visual Arts Center, Mad Dog Brewery, Breast Cancer awareness, and more.

Some of the boats have LED lights where they can light up later in the night, those are what you have to see for yourself.

Merry Christmas from Carol Creek, Walkersville!