Cheerleaders Work Tirelessly To Perform Some Intense Stunts for the Crowd

by Hannah Benson

The Boys Varsity Basketball team is joined most by one of the most spirited, friendly and hardworking teams, the Basketball Cheer squad.

The cheer team practices two times a week. They learn a new dances, cheers, and stunts.

Sophomore Chelsea Long commented, “I like cheer practice it’s a good combination of hard work and fun.” Full of smiles, the basketball cheer team is always supportive of each other. Sophomore Lia Finch said, “Cheer practice is fun, but also challenging because I have never cheered before. I enjoy working with all of the other cheerleaders because they are very helpful and supportive.”

Sophomore Erika Long exclaimed, “Cheer practice is A LOT of work especially when we try new stunts or stunting positions. Once everything comes together, it’s really fun!”

Stunting is a very big part of cheerleading, and is defined as, “building performances displaying a person’s skill or dexterity.” [1] Most stunts have around four cheerleaders, two bases, a flyer, and a backspot. The bases are the ones who will push or lift the flyer into the air. The flyer, is the cheerleader who is held up, and is at the top of the “pyramid.” The backspot is the person who is responsible for helping or catching the flyer during stunts.

Chelsea shared, “My position in stunting is either a base or flyer and my favorite stunt to base is a lib and my favorite stunt to fly in is a twist up full.”

Erika said, “I usually fly but I can also base. My favorite stunts are libs and full downs.”

In a “lib,” the flyer bends their knee on one leg, while the bases hold the flyer by their straight leg.

In a “twist up full,” the flyer jumps onto the base’s hands with their legs crossed. As the bases lift them up, the flyer untwists their legs, spinning themselves while being raised into the air. The “full” indicates that the bases lift the flyer until their arms are completely extended above their heads.

“Full downs” are sometimes called, “the most beautiful catches in cheerleading.” [2] The bases put the flyer into the full position. Then, they gently toss the flyer into the air. As the flyer goes up and comes down, the flyer twists their body around 360 degrees. Finally, the bases and backspot catch the flyer in a cradle position.

Finch commented, “I just started stunting yesterday and they are having me fly for a couple and back spot for one. I was surprised when they asked me to fly. I like it, but it makes me nervous because I have to really trust the people holding me up. The stunts I am doing are not very intense because I am new, but I hope to work my way up as time goes on!”

Some of the cheerleaders are in both basketball and football cheer. Chelsea stated, “I prefer basketball cheer mostly because I can see the game and it’s inside so it’s not cold.”

In the end, cheer is an amazing and diligent sport.

“My favorite thing about this year’s cheer squad is the people on it as they make cheer a ton of fun,” Chelsea exclaimed.

“My favorite thing about the basketball cheer team is when we all get a cheer or stunt down. When everything just works out perfectly, you get this really good feeling,” Finch stated.

The cheerleaders work indefatigably, spreading basketball cheer, and sharing their talent. Next time you go to a basketball game, make sure to support and complement the cheerleaders!