Christmas Is a Time for Celebrating

by Jaizon Jenkins

December is coming up and Christmas is on the way and I’m sure that everyone is pretty excited about getting presents. Personally, I like Christmas! I mean come on who doesn’t want presents? That’s crazy if anybody doesn’t like gifts from the people who are close to you.    “We get to feast and get presents. The best part is that I got like five hundreds dollars and some shoes, I open one Christmas Eve and the rest Christmas morning. My opinion on what Christmas is supposed to be is the government forcing people to buy presents for each other to get you to spend money,” said sophomore Darin Robey.

Senior Ramel Williams said, “Christmas used to be my favorite but now it’s just like any other holiday. The best part for me is spending time together. I only open one present on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. My opinion on what Christmas is supposed to be is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday and spending time together while having fun.”

Senior Dominik Campbell said, “Yes, because it’s the time where I can see family I don’t usually see. The best part for me is waking up to no snow on Christmas. I open my presents on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.”

After hearing these special students talk about what they enjoy about the holidays, I feel like Christmas is getting better and better as more people get excited. December is finally here, meaning snow is on its way! The best part to me is when it snows in December and especially on Christmas Day. It is an abomination that some people hate snow. I don’t play in the snow anymore but I think watching the snow fall and spending time with family is the best part about the holidays! Happy Holidays!