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Christmas Tree Dresses Are the Next Best Thing This Holiday Season

by Marisa Flores

Fashion trends change almost everyday. This holiday season the new fashion trend climbing the rungs of popularity are Christmas tree dresses.

A Christmas tree dress is a dress with skirt made out of a real Christmas tree. People can make their own, and decorate them accordingly. Some dresses have lights, ornaments, tinsel, and even the occasional decorators that match a theme. There are as many varieties of them as there are opinions on them.

“I think that’s very strange, and it looks uncomfortable,” said Science Instructional Assistant Cammi Bittner. Freshman Heather Carroll also quoted, “It’s creative, but more for decoration that fashion.”

“I think that’s really weird because Christmas trees are not supposed to be worn,” cited sophomore Ariana Johnson. “It’s a little weird to wear something that looks like a tree. It’s cool too, you could get a lott of attention on. When the dress is on the mannequin it looks like it could be for a fashion designer,” added sophomore Ryan Fedor.

“I think it would be hard to wear and look good in it, but it looks cool on its own,” commented sophomore Daniyal Colbert.

Junior Megan Doster quoted, “That’s ugly and dangerous. You’ll have bugs and sap on you, plus that’s not sanitary. You could stab someone with the pine needles and you wouldn’t be able to sit down.”

Junior Dori Rourk also said, “It’s cute but impractical.” “It’s not something I would ever wear, but I love people with artistic flare,” added Media Specialist Cindy Doggett.

“That’s very ugly. I would never ever wear that dress. Heck to the no!” quoted WHS teacher Regina Stelma. Sophomore Mikey Stitely also said “I wouldn’t wear it, but those red carpet celebrities could wear it on the runway.”

Sophomore Jacob Hershberger cited, “I think it’s very extra, but I’d probably wear it.”

Although this trend is extremely strange and different from almost all other trends, it has potential. I would certainly show originality and show the creativity that every person holds inside of them.