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Disney Acquires Much of Fox In Massive Merger

by Jacob Hojnacke

On December 14th The Walt Disney Company will acquire majority of the assets that were previously owned under 21st century Fox. “With today’s announcement, we launch the next great leg of our journey,” Rupert Murdoch said on Thursday in a call for investors.

Disney bought Fox for 52.4 billion, which is quite a lot of money. [1] “The new Fox will draw upon the powerful live news and sports businesses of Fox, as well as the strength of our broadcast network,” was stated by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch is the 21st Century Fox chairman who will still look over the multiple branches of Fox.

CEO of Disney Bob Iger had something to say on Murdoch’s future stating [2]. “He and I will continue to discuss whether there’s a role for him here or not, but I look forward to talking to him about it.”

Now that Disney bought Fox, all of the Marvel comic characters are under the ownership of Disney, now you could potentially see the X-men and the Avengers teaming up. Along with all of Star Wars is now owned by Disney. Some of the shows now owned by Disney include, Modern Family, This is Us, The X-files, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers.

Along with buying Fox, it also now has ownership of FX and all the shows and channels under the FX name like FXX, and FXM. Disney would also be able to own the National Geographic Channel.

Fox will however continue to keep ownership of The Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, and Fox Sports.