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For Most People, Christmas Time Means Family Time

by Madison Miller

Christmas is the most joyful time of the year to spend with family and friends.  Some people tend to spend the holiday with family, while others spend it with close friends and acquaintances.

An online poll showed that two-thirds of people interviewed by Harris Interactive felt their loved ones were the most important aspect of Christmas, followed far behind parties and presents.  
Ten years ago, a study was conducted on how people spend their Christmas holiday. Out of the 2,455 people surveyed, “three quarters of people 62 and older hope to spend time with family and friends. Showing generation differences, 59% of 18 to 29 year olds were looking forward to receiving gifts instead of spending time with family.” [1]

Lots of Walkersville students have more than one Christmas celebration to look forward to.

Junior Chianne Downing had three to look forward to,“I have three different Christmas celebrations with three different sides of my family. I celebrate with my mom’s side, my step-dad’s side, and my dad’s side. Eventually I’ll be celebrating with my step-mom’s side of the family too.”

Sophomore Mickinzi Ferguson has quite a large family that she spends Christmas with, and she is very excited for the holiday.“I spend Christmas with my family. My family is very big! My family includes my cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, and my brother!”

Sophomore Emily Deely commented, “I spend Christmas with my family: [such as] my parents, my sister, and my grandfather.” Junior Claire Lynch also talked about spending the holiday with her family,“[I] spend Christmas with my family and my sister.”

Substitute teacher Fran Denmark has a different view on the holiday, “I’m actually Jewish, so I look forward to spending time with my family over the Jewish holiday. We still go out on Christmas Eve though, and on Christmas day we just stay at home and relax,” commented Denmark.

“I spend Christmas with my family. I love the family time with my mom, my dad, and my three younger brothers,” added English teacher Rebekah May.

The students and staff of Walkersville all have different ways to spend their holiday season, even if they don’t celebrate Christmas. Most tend to spend it with family, and some with friends. Although, any way it is spend will always result in joy and smiles.


[1] https://www.reuters.com/article/us-christmas-meaning-poll/christmas-means-spending-time-with-family-poll-idUSN1044149420071210