French Club Has a Happy and Successful Holiday Event


by Hannah Benson,

On December 22, the French Club hosted a holiday event. The purpose of it was to educate WHS students about french culture during the holidays, and raise money for a charity!

At the fundraiser, there were different provided treats that are popular in french speaking countries during the holidays. One food includes beignet, a fried choux pastry. It is common for them to be filled with fruit, or have powdered sugar sprinkled on top. [1] “My favorite food was probably the beignets,” sophomore Amelia Olsen stated. French teacher Chimene Kacko remarked, “My favorite food was “les beignets” and “le petit bastille” (French cookies made with butter and dark chocolate).

There were several other foods including crêpes, éclairs, and an assortment of chocolates. Sophomore Jalissah Stanton shared her favorite food commenting, “Probably the red velvet little cakes.”  “I don’t know if I really had a favorite, but it’s easy to say the croissants,” said sophomore Natalie Lim. Sophomore Chelsea Long had a similar problem, unable to choose a favorite food she exclaimed, “I didn’t (have a favorite,) they all were pretty good!”

Everyone seemed to enjoy the event, and the feedback was positive. “Yes, it was really fun,” Lim remarked. Olsen stated, “It was a lot of fun; the food was really good. I brought gingerbread and pretzels with chocolate on them.” “I did enjoy the party, ” Long affirmed.

The French Club fundraiser was very successful. Kacko commented, “Yes, the event was great! It went very well. Everything was well coordinated, bringing the food in, setting the room, pulling… students for Flex, and the service during the event. Thanks to my planning skills and to my wonderful French club members, they’re the best students on earth.”

53 students and three teachers attended, and the classroom was packed. Stanton brought up the tradeoff of a full house, “It was a little bit overwhelming because the room was crowded but for the most part it is good.”

Each student had to pay six dollars to attend, with additional fees for special activities and food. The club was able to raise lots of money, all of which will be donated to the Malala Fund. The Malala fund helps give girls education all of the world, and was started by Malala Yousafzai. The Malala Fund website states, “Malala Fund is working for a world where every girl can learn and lead without fear.” [2] To donate to the fund or learn more about Malala, visit

Stanton, Olsen, Lim, and Long all agreed that they would be interested in re-hosting and visiting the event next year. Kacko commented, “Yes, I will do it again! This is a way to extend the culture beyond the class to other students and to the community; we had some parents who came in. In French speaking countries, Christmas passed beyond a religious holiday and became a culture.

Overall, the French Club’s holiday event was success! Many enjoyed it, learned about french culture, hopefully the club will re-host the event next year.