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Gifts For Men Can Be Challenging – We’re Here to Help!

by Jaizon Jenkins

For a man to get a gift on Christmas is really not that much of a task. Ladies if you’re out there trying to get your man a gift- you don’t have to panic because men don’t ask for much. A man would usually want something like shoes, clothes, cologne, video games or game systems, devices, a new car, or watches. Well let’s put it like this, anything that is for men will be the best gift that a man could have.

According to sophomore Austin Kuykendall, “The best gift that I got for Christmas was a new phone. I get a small amount of gifts for Christmas. The best Christmas gifts for men are dress socks and cologne.”

Senior Anthony Corrie said, “The best Christmas gift that I got was a R/C truck, and I get a medium amount of gifts on Christmas. My opinion on what is the best Christmas gift for men is cologne.”

Retired Special Education teacher Nicholas Cardy commented, “The best Christmas gift that I got was running shoes because my daughter got it. I [also] get a small amount of gifts. My opinion on the best Christmas gifts for men are shirts, electronics like cars for example, dress clothes, and men’s cologne.”

It’s official that cologne and dress clothes are the best Christmas gifts for men…I would have to agree. Dress clothes and cologne was the first thing that popped up in my head when I heard the question ‘What was the best Christmas gifts for men?’ They are not only the best Christmas gifts, it can also be the best gift in general on any type of celebration, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or getting a friend a gift to show your appreciation of that friendship.