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Holiday Dinners Can Mean Many Different Things to Different People

by Nick Powers

With the Christmas almost upon us it’s important to focus on the important part of the holiday itself the three f’s: friends,family, and most importantly food. With this in mind it’s important to know what kind of foods are  favored to be eaten during the Christmas season.

For some people it might be ham, for others it might be yams, maybe even turkey. Sophomore Jacob Green commented “I usually don’t have ham or turkey for Christmas. My family and I go out and eat chinese food and watch movies during the day since those are the only things that are open.” That’s one example of a different holiday meal that people have.

A second example of a meal people have comes from  sophomore Katie Hamilton “I usually have what you would call a ‘traditional Christmas dinner’ with my family. My Christmas dinner usually consists of ham, potatoes, green bean casserole, and other foods.”

Freshman Solomon Chen commented on what his family likes to eat over the holidays “My family and I like to have Turducken for the holiday. It might not be a normal meal but it’s what my family and I enjoy enjoy making and eating.” As seen you can see some people have meals over the holiday season.

Another example of a Christmas meal come from junior Hunter Diley “My family and I make a different meal every year, for example last year we made turkey, mashed potatoes, and some corn. It wasn’t much compared to our usual amounts of food but it was still great to sit as a family and have a meal together.”

With a whole array of different foods people enjoy for the holidays, it’s not surprising that so many different people have so many different meals they enjoy eating over the holidays.