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Indoor Track Team Goes to Dickinson College for Second Meet of Season

by Joana Haizel-Cobbina

On December 16th, the Walkersville track team competed in their second meet of the season. With the first meet being a success for most of the atheletics, most were looking forward to seeing how their first meet would turn out. The team arrived at Dickinson College and the atmosphere in which the team was surrounded by changed, people were nervous, scared and excited.

“ Our 4by800 team [was] very good today. I was happy with our performance. We beat our time by ten seconds,” junior Johnny Bowersox said on the bus ride home. “I did better than last meet but I still have a lot of cleaning up to work on for the season,” sophomore Katie Hamilton commented.. “I think the track meet went great! Everyone did really good. Dickinson College was a cool new experience for the track team. I personally think I did really good. I am slowly shaving time of my event,” junior Natalie Miller said.

“The meet was not organized well and took an excessive amount of time. I overheard the coaches saying they hated it and that we will not do it next year,” junior Jackson Larimore commented after the meet. Although senior Will Staab scored a personal record both in the mile and the 800 for indoor. “I am happy with my times. I liked how big the meet was and the college track..  Track meets are a great experience because it’s both an individual effort along with a team effort. I had a bad meet and didn’t come in first for any of my events,” freshman Ryan Mudd said.

While team members may have had a hard meet, the season has just begun and the athletes are filled with excitement and potential as the season moves on. We can’t wait to see what is ahead for our athletes during the rest of the winter season.