It’s That Time Of Year Again – the Snow Has Begun to Fall

by Andrew Mori

Winter is almost here and with the temperatures are dropping, that means there is a chance of snow. There was snow this past Saturday and everyone was excited for it.

Sophomore Tommy Jones said, “I like snow but I don’t want it yet, I like snow more near the holidays to get me in the spirit, last year didn’t feel like Christmas because it was so warm and there wasn’t any snow in sight.”

“I love snow so much and I can’t wait for it to snow. It makes it look so nice out,” said junior Brianna Francis.

“I love snow, I really hope it snows tomorrow so I can see they snow. I hope the snow melts fast though because I hate when it turns black from all of the snow trucks pushing it around,” added junior Natalie Evans.

Junior Ryan Davis commented, “I hope it doesn’t snow. I hate snow when it’s not Christmas or New Years because it just gets in the way. Besides, it won’t be during the week so we won’t even get any snow days.”     

“I really hope it snows; this time of the year is the best not just because the holidays but because the snow. It makes everything white and the snow is so fun  play in,” said freshman Hannah Angulo.

Senior Rian Wright gave a realistic view on the upcoming snow, “I hope it doesn’t snow because I don’t really like the snow. It’s nice at first but then it look bad after people walk in it and cars drive on it. It also makes the roads dangerous and harder to drive in.”

While the majority of students are excited for the snow, some wish for it not to snow. They would rather have it snow closer to the holidays to give them the authentic holiday feeling. Either way, snow is coming. Prepare yourselves.