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Junior Christina Huffer Has Been Swimming for 13 Years

by Valerie Coleman

Christina Huffer is a junior at Walkersville High School. Huffer has been swimming for thirteen years and is currently an athlete for the girls swim team at WHS.

Throughout her thirteen years of swim, she has been a part of the high school team and a club team. Typically, her club practices would be held at YMCA in the morning before school and her high school practices would be held at WHS after school. That being said, Huffer shows the amount of love she has for this sport throughout the dedication and hard work she puts in during her multiple daily practices.

Huffer said, “I stopped swimming for two years in middle school, but started back up again my first year of high school. My freshman year I earned my varsity letter. The only way to earn a varsity letter for swim is by earning a certain number of points for the team by the end of the season. I qualified for each meet that I had the opportunity to qualify in.”

On Thursday, the Walkersville Swim and Dive Team competed against the Brunswick Roaders. The Lady Lions came out on top with the final score of 113-64. Huffer swam in two relays; the 200 medley and the 200 free relay.

“During the first relay of the meet, which was the 200 medley, I swam backstroke. Senior Becky Dixon swam butterfly, junior Emily Yeeles swam freestyle, and junior Daniella Manchester swam breast. In the 200 free relay, I swam the last leg of the race. All of the relays did very well and I am proud of our performance,” said Huffer.

“I feel like being on the 200 medley really shows off everyone’s best stroke. I am usually pretty confident in what our team can do, especially having Christina start us off with backstroke,” added Manchester.

Senior Mikaela Miller said, “Overall as a team, we did really well! Positive attitudes were seen from every swimmer and the amount of encouragement and sportsmanship was awesome. We saw many swimmers get their best times and place high in every event, securing our win.”

“There are a lot of new people on the team that have never swam before. They are doing an amazing job of learning all the strokes and improving their times. At this specific meet, a lot of them swam events they had never swam before and did very well. Overall, our team did really good and I am proud of everyone and their hard work,” added Huffer.

After this winter, Huffer plans to swim her final season during her senior year and last few months at WHS. Best of luck to Huffer and the rest of the WHS Swim and Dive Team for the remainder of the season!