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NCAA Football Playoff Begins On Monday, January 1st

by Alex Hearn

The College Football playoffs start on January 1st, 2018.

Four teams are playing in the playoffs. One seeded Clemson, two seeded Oklahoma, three seeded Georgia and fourth seeded Alabama. All four teams have one loss.

Clemson’s only loss of the season came from Syracuse, in a close 27 to 24 loss. Clemson has had some strong wins over the season, including seven ranked Auburn on week two, 22 ranked Virginia Tech and 11th ranked Miami. Clemson is led by Kelly Bryant, who has thrown over 2600 yards this season. [1]

Oklahoma is lead by quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield is one of the most impressive players in all of the NCAA. He won the Heisman award and is speculated to be a very high draft pick. [2] [3]

Oklahoma’s only loss from the season came from a surprising upset in week five, where Iowa State came back from being down twenty-four to ten. Iowa State only ended up winning seven games. [4]

Oklahoma had a lot of close games against bad or mediocre teams. They barely beat Baylor 49 to 41. Baylor only has had one win this season. [5] Oklahoma also struggled against Texas and Kansas State, who each have six and seven wins respectively.

Some strong wins that Oklahoma has were against 13th ranked Texas Christian University two times, once in a blow out game, 17th Oklahoma State in a tight high scoring game and fifth ranked Ohio State, in an early season challenge. [6]

Georgia is the third ranked team in the college football playoffs. Georgia is lead by quarterback Jake Fromm and running back Nick Chubb. [7]

Georgia’s only loss of the season came to Auburn near the end of the season, in a blowout 40 to 17 loss. Georgia beat Auburn to avenge themselves in the SEC championship. They won the game 28-7. [7]

Georgia’s strongest wins of the season were against 24th ranked Mississippi State, 14 ranked Notre Dame and seventh rank Auburn. [8]

The final team in the playoffs is fourth ranked Alabama. Alabama like all four teams, lost one game. Their only loss came to Auburn on the final game of the season. Alabama is lead by Jalen Hurts. They beat teams such as Mississippi State, Auburn and LSU. [9]

My personal prediction is that Clemson is going to beat Alabama in a close game and the Oklahoma will blowout Georgia.

I asked different kids who they thought was going to win the College Football Playoffs.

“Baker Mayfield is going all the way,” stated Greg Dellamura.

“Alabama has been strong in the past,” said sophomore Michael Johnston.

Sophomore Connor White told me “Okhlamo is because they are ranked number one.”

The College Football playoffs will be starting soon. Both games will be aired on New Year’s Day. The first game, Oklahoma and Georgia will be aired at 5:10pm. The second game, Alabama and Clemson, will be aired at 8:45 pm