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Rules For Regifting This Holiday Season

by Ashley Terry

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With Christmas quickly approaching, the window to buy gifts is beginning to close. If you have a small budget and tons of people to buy for, sometimes regifting is the best option. It saves you money, and the person you’re giving it to hopefully doesn’t know that you’re regifting someone else’s gift.

Here are some tips to regifting:

  • DO NOT give the regift to the person who bought you the gift that you’re regifting to them!
  • Always make it look presentable- you don’t want anyone to get suspicious.
  • If it’s half eaten, don’t even bother.
  • Stay positive! If they don’t like it, who cares! You didn’t lose any money.

The goal is to not let the person know that you didn’t take the time to find them a proper gift that they would enjoy. Instead, hype up their gift. “Isn’t the jacket with my name on it so cool! And it’s just for you!”

If you’re truly dedicated to the power of regifting, take tips from Sarah Gracel from the TLC show, Extreme Cheapskates. Gracel was so dedicated on saving money that she took items from her friends and family all throughout the year so she could give it back to them as Christmas presents.

The average person spends $800 on Christmas presents. For Gracel, she spent an average of $20 on her reused gifts. [1]

“The spirit of Christmas is giving; you don’t need to spend money to fill that,” said Gracel. [1]

“I personally think regifting is the best thing ever because if you know that you already have something that someone else would love to have, why not just go ahead and give it to them. ‘Your trash may be another man’s treasure,’” said Shepherd University freshmen Brooklyn Pfaltzgraff.

Senior Maddie Ropp felt that, “It doesn’t matter because it’s the thought that counts.”

“It’s a lifesaver. I always get ugly junk from my relatives and it’s perfect to give to people I hate, but have a gift to give to. What’s even better is regifting the gift you got last year to the person who gave it to you,” said senior Parker Montour.

For me, I regift something when someone I didn’t expect gives me a present, or I don’t have enough money to get someone a present. Regifting is the holy grail for anyone on a tight budget, but don’t let anyone know that you’re doing it. Then you’ll just be the cheapskate that got your friend a random pair of socks that you dug out of your drawer.

Happy hunting!



[1] https://youtu.be/N1FhLqK9Kwg